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how do I get 3 months free with 18 months NBN?

Level 1b

So I just submitted my NBN registration for 18 months, but I don't see anything anywhere about the mobile phone (the three months free special). It was there when I was deciding what plan to apply. Once I applied there is no mention of it anywhere. So how do I get it? Will there be another email?


Hi @mmbubbly,


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We were able to locate your account and checked the application for the NBN upgrade, however, we were not able to see any order for the Free TPG Mobile plan.


Since you've agreed to have an 18 Months contract with us, I'll request the 3 Months free TPG Mobile to be added to your upgrade/order.


Please shoot me a private message with your full name, mobile number (if you want to port your old number), account number on your current Mobile provider, date of birth, and the Mobile plan that you would like. You may refer to this link for your plan options.


How to private message?


Kind regards,



Thank you for sending the details via PM, @mmbubbly.


The request has been forwarded to our Accounts team and notification will be sent via email or phone call.


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