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Can anyone explain why mobile data  doesn't work every time billing cycle rolls over?


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We'd like to look into your account to understand the situation. Please shoot us a private message of your CID number or Mobile number.


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Hi I'm having the exact same problem because when it came to the billing date I forgot to put money in my bank account to pay my monthly bill which was on the 09/03/2018 and i have used all my data up but the app says it will be rolled over today (12/03/2018) which it didnt update or it didnt recharge my data and yes the direct debit has been taken out of my account because i got a rejection fee which i had to pay and that was my fault 100% but today was the day that it suppose to roll over but it didnt. so please tell why hasnt my data been recharged/resetted after paying the monthly bill for my plan which is TPG Small v2 Plan!!

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I am having same problem, today is my data rollover date and data roll over didn't take place. I had similar issue few months again. Technial support guy told me that there is some technical problem and he asked me to avoid using 100% data. After months, my data usage went to 100% and roll over didn't take place. TPG need to fix issue with data rollover asap. 

I am also trying to find 'live chat' support which I didn't find any were for support. I don't want to hang up for long with via phone call.


Hi shibaratna1


Thank you for notifying us of this concern, we'll escalate this matter so it can be addressed as soon as possible. is one of the pages where the Chat option is offered. The Chat option will pop up if we have available Chat Team members to assist you. You may need to expand the small "Live chat is online window" in the bottom right hand side of your desktop browser.