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Mobile cancelled

Level 2

I keep getting emails from TPG telling me my mobile account is cancelled but they continue to send me SMS texts to confirm my number.

I did not request a cancellation. I have recently updated my credit card with TPG. My NBN appears updated (Done on line) But I have to wait 2 days to confirm my mobile identity - just to pay them money.

I think the last invoice was $1 . Two calls speaking with Patrick and Amir but I do not think they understand what I need. My NBN and my mobile are separate and although my mobile number is supposed to be cancelled, they continue to SMS on that cancelled number. I DON'T want to cancel. Just update my credit details.


Hi @andrewgalin 


We are keen on getting this sorted ASAP and update the account as needed.


Just send us a private message with your account details and we'll take it from there.