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Mobile data barred

Level 2

I received an SMS from TPG saying my mobile data is now barred as you have insufficient prepaid balance. This is rubbish! It is day 2 of my monthly plan and the usage site shows Plan Included Data remaining: 8,107.58MB.

I have been waiting on the phone for an hour listening to this annoying voice telling me I can fix all my problems online and there has been no option to request a call back.

I am frustrated and annoyed that I have to waste my time dealing with this.

Get your act together!!!

Level 2

I have a similar problem


Level 2



I received the same message too. I have a mobile data plan that was direct debited on the 1st of October.


Just got off the phone with TPG after an hour on hold - they say there's an "ongoing concern" with these SMSs being sent out. It is "an error on their part", and we can "continue using data without issue". The only customers that have been affected are ones with billing cycles starting on the 8th, 9th, 10th of this month.


Hope this helps!