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Mobile number failed to transfer to TPG

Level 2

Hello TPG Team,


I recently switched from Lyca Mobile to TPG with the hope of receiving better service and response, but I am disappointed with my experience so far.


I have been provided with conflicting information by your representatives regarding the activation of my eSIM. Despite having paid the required fee, my activation remains paused. When I called yesterday multiple times, different representatives directed me back to Lyca Mobile, asking for an account number. I explained that my SIM is prepaid and does not have an account number, as confirmed by Lyca Mobile. I also confirmed that my date of birth is correct.


One representative mentioned that the activation could be completed in 15 minutes, while another said it would take two days. This inconsistency is frustrating and unprofessional. Currently, I am unable to receive any calls or messages.


I request immediate assistance to resolve this issue and complete my activation process.


Thank you for your prompt attention.


Best regards,
Hasnain Raza


Community Manager

We’ll check out what’s happened with the activation, @hasnainraza.


Are you able to send me a private message?