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Ported from Optus to TPG and Now I cannot make or receive calls

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I ported my number from Optus to TPG. I activated my SIM. I can use the mobile data, but then I cannot make or receive phone calls.
I have been calling TPG support since morning and after 40-45 minutes of waiting, the person I spoke to transferred me to a different team, then another 40-45 mins of waiting, got pissed and hung the call. This has been going on since morning. Had I known that TPG service is this bad, I would have never dared to move to TPG.

I don't even have a number to call anyone nor people can reach me. What if there is an emergency? The thought itself is giving me shivers. I feel like swearing at these guys. Trusted them, and once got the service they needed, just disappeared. 

Can I expect any help or it is more convinient to move back to Optus, which is more realiable.


@vlokray74 Let's help in getting this sorted. What's the model of your phone? Have you tried inserting your SIM to a different handset? Try these steps on How to Troubleshoot Mobile Call issues