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Purchasing prepaid SIM from abroad

Level 2

Hi everyone,

my wife and I are preparing for our visit to Australia and we would like to purchase the SIM only Medium package including international calls.

Is it possible to purchase the SIM in advance so we do not need to drive around looking for a retailer?


Thank you



P.S.: Unforuntately, my phones are all still physical SIM cards, so no e-SIM.


Hi @AleXSR700


You can order the TPG SIM cards in advance given that you have a family or friends that will hold on to the SIM.


Also, we need an active mobile number for you to be able to process an order.


Check it here:


Let us know if you need further assistance.



Level 15

hi @AleXSR700 . You can probably buy an Australian SIM card in your home country. If not, I'm pretty sure our major airports would have a shop. They would install the SIM and check it works. If coming by boat, you may have to walk through the retail centre to find a shop.