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Recently my phone can’t make international call (landline)

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I have been using TPG sim to call my family in Japan for years. But from about 6 months ago, I have been having problems with connection. It often connected me to other countries. Also recently, no longer I can not call my mum's landline. As soon as I make a call, it connects to somewhere and automatically answers my call it is not my mothers phone and there is no voice. I tried other Japanese number of a mobile phone. It was fine. I thought that mum's home phone had a problem. But I tested to call her with my husband's mobile phone (Vodafone), and his phone can reach her. So her landline is fine. I wonder why suddenly I became not to be able to call her with my phone.


Hi @Naomi2


Welcome to the Community! 


I've managed to locate your account and raised your concern to our Mobile support team. 


Kindly wait for them to contact you via phone call or SMS. 


Let us know should  you still require further assistance.