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I can receive SMS/MMS on my Samsung Galaxy J5Prime but cannot send. Support has advised to :

check number - done it is correct

edit the APN

but i cannot do this as it appears that TPG has blocked any changes to it's sim card.

Is there a solution to this.


Hi @noelryan7,


Welcome to the community!


Please follow the steps below on how to configure your APN settings. 


1. Press the Menu Key, tap Settings
2. Tap Wireless Controls or More Settings
3. Tap Mobile Networks
4. Tap Access Point names
5. Press the Menu button and tap New APN
6. Tap Name, enter VF WEB and press OK
7. Tap APN, enter and press OK
8. Tap MCC, enter 505 and press OK
9. Tap MNC, enter 03 and press OK
10. Tap APN type, enter default or choose internet and press OK
11. Press the Menu button and touch Save


After saving the settings, kindly restart your device and let us know should you need further assistance.