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TPG VoIP Gateway Sydney Not Working for Overseas Calls

Level 2

Since the New Year I have been unable to access overseas numbers using the TPG VoIP Gateway number 02 9007 7777. I am registered to use this number from both my landline and mobile phone. When I ring the VoIP Gateway number I am invited to enter the overseas number preceded with the access code and country code and ending with # eg 001144123456789#. However, all I ever hear is a busy tone.


I've contacted TPG tech and cistomer service on numerous occasions initially by phone and later, online due to Civid 19. This has wasted many hours of my time and not resulted in the problem being fixed. There is no follow-up from TPG to confirm that my service has been restored. However, TPG continues to charge me monthly for no service.


Is anyone else experiencing this issue ?



Please send me via Private Message your customer account number , username or mobile phone number to check and assist you further.