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Unable to make calls

Level 2
I've woken up today and I am unable to make calls. It says I have no credit?? To the best of my knowledge I'm on a post paid plan. I also have no access to internet outside of wifi. I have checked my billing and a payment is " in progress"?? Is this standard practice to instantly cutoff service if there is an issue with payment.? This is an enormous inconvenience. Now I have spent an hour on hold trying to get something rectified that shouldn't happen in the first place. Is this going to happen everytime there is an issue with my bank? Some things are out of our control. Gas, water and power don't get shut off the second a payment date is missed. People rely on their phone and not being able to make calls could potentially be very dangerous. This needs to be sorted ASAP.

Hi @Hickey77


We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you. 


I have organised a call back to be made from our Accounts Team to contact and assist you with this concern. 


Kindly wait for their team to contact you today.