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Unsatisfied serivce from TPG

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I am totally unsatified with TPG service. I used to be a loyal customer to TPG as I have been with TPG nearly 5 years. I just informed TPG has a new plan with 4G data plan; then, I called to TPG to help to to upgrade from the current plan. The the sales team told me I was too carefulness to understand that the plan was only apply to new customer not to any of old customer. Firstly , I knew I didn't read carefully due to my poorness in English. Secondly, from the plan page; it was not show very clearly only for new user; it is misleading to customers as well. I was so unsatified with the way they treated me that I decided to change my network to other provider. Then I called back to TPG for the number transferring. They even not asking why I decided to change; this made me dissppoointed with TPG agin. I understand TPG now is getting bigger and bigger, and only caring about new customers and not caring of loosing old customers at all. Customers like me even I have been with TPG for 5 years means nothing to them. Thanks for your team to successfully push me to other provider.
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Hi @Martin0710, the new T4G mobile plan range is definitely available for existing customers to change to. It's just the discounted monthly price for 6 months that is for new customers.
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I cannot blame you if you feel that way. I've been with TPG for almost 6 years from ADSL2+ now I got NBN FTTP. I tried to look for some kind of 'Appreciation Rewards' or should I say 'Loyalty' rewards. Unfortunately, they don't have that.


But their customer/technical support even their service works for me. They might failed me to give some 'Loyalty' rewards but they never failed me whenever I need support for my service.


I guess, that should be enough reason for me to stay with them.

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with no internet=no house phone, how did you manage to contact 131423 option2 using a mobile phone? please help tpg suport no helping.

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how to access 131423 option 2 using a mobile phone


Hi @augerwood, we have also received your concern on a separate thread and we have likewise replied to it.


Please check our response here:


We'll wait for your reply on that thread. Thank you.