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VoLTE activation

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Because 3G is no longer available with TPG I'm trying to enable VoLTE and Wifi calling. I have a Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017).

This handset is listed as compatible in at least 3 places on the TPG website and also generally stated to be compatible elsewhere on the internet including Samsung's official site.


I have followed the directions provided on these pages to activate both voLTE and wifi calling but the options are not to be found. Samsung's website says options may differ depending on your carrier and to contact them (TPG). When I have contacted TPG customer service they quickly told me, because the options are not there that I need to buy a new handset, without any further troubleshooting despite me pointing out that the model is listed as tested and compatible on their website.


My phone was bought from optus in 2018 and transferred to TPG in 2020. It runs android 8. It is fully updated via settings menu. I'm still wondering if it is a software issue as I'm fairly sure the options were available when the phone was bought with optus. Could it be an APN issue?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.






Hi @Trismegistus 


Can you manually set the SIM network settings to LTE/4G? 


We are not certain, but you can try to perform a reset on your phone to check if the VoLTE / WiFi calling will appear as you've said that it was there before.


Let us know how it goes.



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I'm in the same boat with the same phone. I think it was with Optus originally, but will need to confirm that. I thought i had nothing to worry about as the phone is listed by TPG as supported for this transition. I followed several TPG tutorials, during which the options presented were always stated a little vaguely, as Volte/4G. I did check to be sure, and my phone has an option to change Network Mode to "4G/3G/2G (auto connect)".


It's set to that, and i have restarted the phone, but it can't make or receive calls (i haven't tried 000).


how do i change Sim settings like you mention? Google brings up nothing, and on the phone itself i can only view SIM settings, not change them. Not that anything like LTE/4G is listed there.


My phone says its last software update was 8/9/21, which was coincidentally also the last time it checked for updates. So... EoL? Who tested this model at TPG to be sure it worked? Thanks.


EDIT: I note that when i turn off my wifi connection, the phone says it is connected to 4G. And also that there is an option in the pulldown menu called wifi-calling, but it sits half-on. Light blue not fully blue, like it cannot activate.