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What happens if I delete my eSIM profile?

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I accidentally deleted my eSim profile from my mobile and want to install it again so please help me do an eSim replacement. 


I think it is an easy process with Vodafone. Their website mentions that " it’s easy to reactivate it. If you’ve deleted your eSIM from a phone or tablet Vodafone automatically emails you a new QR code that you can use to reactivate your eSIM"



So I don't know why no one in TPG helped me quickly to solve this problem. 


I also tried to contact 131423 many times. Honestly, the agents were so helpful and kind when I called 131423 but no one succeeded in solving the problem.


I don't know why TPG makes this process so hard.


The TPG website didn't mention a complete solution for this situation. How can I swap an eSim when I can not access my mobile number since the eSim profile was deleted?!


Screenshot 2024-01-26 225428.png


I hope TPG makes this process automatically send a QR code to the customer's email.

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This happened to me as well:
I have transferred my number to tpg 2 days ago but the eSim profile on my mobile deleted accidentally and I cannot use my own number which I asked to kept the number but now I lost the eSim snd no one answering me.
I have sent the ID verification email as well but not heard back.

Please help me as I need my number and I am using this number 0492***594 just meanwhile if you needed contacted me.

My main number disconnected is 0477***256
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Did you get this sorted

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No it didnt. I dont know what else to do ?


@ehsansim9304 Send us a PM and we'll take it from there. 

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It does not let me private message as I have reached the number of it per day which is not.

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This the error message:


"You have reached the limit for number of private messages that you can send for now. Please try again later."

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