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Wi-Fi calling

Level 1
Hi, since I’ve moved from Telstra to tpg my WiFi calling hasn’t been working. I’ve tried resetting my phone and network settings. Nothing is working. Is it not compatible with tpg?

Hi @Jodie9210,


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TPG Mobile do not support Wi-Fi calling feature.


Let us know should you require further assistance.



Level 1a

Hi. Simple question. Why doesn't TPG have wi-fi calling for mobiles. These are relatively new routers with nbn speeds.


When I phoned TPG they told me firstly that the Modem manufacturer,, TPLINK, can activate the ports needed to have wi fi calling enabled.

Then I was told I had to ask Apple to find out what ports they use on their Iphone. and then I could call TPG and they would set the router.  I called Apple and they advised it should be an auto process on my phone.  Just select wi-fi calling.They have no idea about which ports at the moment.  

So now I have an 18monthh contract with TPG without a wi-fi calling option available.  There is no mention of this in any written info. So I would suggest that if TPG does not have wifi calling, then Ipossibly I should not have TPG.

I have been with TPG for quite a few years, but tno wi-fi calling is a backward step in high speed technology.

Is there something you can do? Do I need to get another modem?

Please advise as my phone reception in our house has degraded to the point we either have to go outside to make a call or run upstairs and stick the phone out of the windows.

IF phone makers make wifi calling then surely carriers should make the software compatabile.



We appreciate your feedback and we'll surely pass this on internally,@nusilouis. Unfortunately, at this point, TPG does not support Wi-Fi Calling.


Let us know if there's anything else that we can assist you with.