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activating my phone

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my name  is jeffrey edwards, just ported across from optus and am havin trouble activating my new sim, my phone is unlocked but ny phone is not recognising the sim.  I fear i have pushed the acivate buton way to soon, I do end to be a bit of button masher, so how can i fix this and get the service up and running,


thanks in advance



Hi @6237133,


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What troubleshooting have you done so far?


Try to do these following troubleshooting.


  • Power cycle smartphone/mobile phone
  • Re-insert sim card and do 2nd power cycle

If you're able to post a screen shot of the signal bar of your smart phone that would be helpful.


Level 1a



i have no power bars and the phone is giving the no sim signal.


re-inserted and rebooted several times so far.







Thanks for providing us further details regarding your mobile sim concern. 


I recommend to have one of our Mobile Specialists to get in touch with you and do further checks. 


Please let us know your best contact time and number via PM and we'll arrange this for you.


For your reference, please visit this link on how to send a Private Message