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erratic or non-existent coverage and failure to disable call forwarding

Level 2

When I first got my mobile connected, I discovered that quite often I would have the phone turned on in front of me, no calls would come through but later I would find that a number of calls had been sent to messaging. I got someone to call me while I had the phone in my hand, nothing happened for 10 minutes then I got a missed call message. So I dialled #67# to disable call forwarding - and on my latest a/c summary there are still charges for 15c as recently as yesterday.

 However, since last night I have a message saying "Emergency calls only" on my phone from Telstra, my previous supplier, and no TPG logo. I have emailed customer service but have received a reply to say they will contact me in 24 hours - I can't phone them to say this is urgent as I am waiting for deliveries since I have no coverage. How can I get back my coverage asap? And how can I find out why my disabling of call forwarding has been ignored?

Level 2

It is now heading for at least 32 hours without a network connection, TPG are checking with Vodafone to try to find out what is happening. Meanwhile I imagine my 2 deliveries scheduled for yesterday are heading back to the warehouse.



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We have also received your query thru Facebook and we can see that the issue has been escalated to our Mobile Escalations Team.


Please be assured that we will closely monitor this case and keep you posted for updates where possible.