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international roaming not working in Italy

Level 2

I've had a call logged with TPG support since approx 20 May and I cant get them to escalate above L2.  Roamiing wont work in Italy - worked fine in Hong Kong, Germany, Austria and just checked Switzland.  All OK

Support keeps telling me to do the same thing and guess what - the same result - it wont work.  

Problem coordinator is doing a good job but cant get any action from the support team.


Looking for a way to escalate to management in TPG but not luck.  Anyone?

I dont what to go to the ombudsman but if I have to I will its past a joke.


Hi @OutRiding,


We apologise for the inconvenience.


We've reviewed the case and it seems that the international roaming is enabled on our system, however, the service still did not work on your end.


Our Mobile network engineers are working on this case and will chase it with them and have someone to provide updates via Email.


We'll escalate your complaint as well to our complaints resolution case managers; Customer relations and an assigned case manager will be in touch with you for further discussion.