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mobile number not working after transferred from another provider

Level 2
my number which i transferred from another provider is sill not working after two weeks.
I received a message on 31-5-22 that the number is now working but after trying it, I found it still doesn't work.
I logged on to tpg and it showed the number was up and running, but when I clicked on that number to enter the dash board it showed a completely different number.
I have called the tpg call center many times and they try to help but they keep escalating the case to level 2 which never seems to help.
my customer reference no is 1194700561
please help me...

Hi @markprice70


Upon checking, this has been raised to our Mobile Network team for further checking. No recent updates yet but we'll surely keep a close eye on this one. 


We'll provide updates as soon as it's available.