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prepayment balance not refunded after mobile cancellation ?

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Hi Moderators


I spent at least 30 minutes to understand how to cancel my mobile service with TPG in December 2019. Finally i was told first to send them email informing the cancellation, after receiving the confirmation from TPG, the prepayment balance $20 will be refunded. 


Then I waited until today, nothing happend. I called again today, but was told they have to make a request for refunding and should be aware that the prepayment balance may not be refunded. Even it is refunded, it will be credited to my TPG account, (Ironically i do not have any service with TPG). Then have to call TPG again to ask the prepayment balance to be paid to my credit card. 


Can the moderator here to clarify the issues? Why the prepayment balance is not refundable? i saw similar questions on community and the answer is "the prepaymet is refundable".  why not the prepayment balance be refunded to my credit card since i have requested?   


Thank you. 





Hi @cloud ,


For Mobile Standard process, we advised our customers to port out or cancel their number a few days before their payment date.

If the prepayment has not yet been refunded, please PM us your account details (Customer ID together with your best contact number and preferred contact time) and we'll have one of our Mobile Specialists contact you.

In case you need a reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community