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"Account Balance is insufficient"

Level 2

Hi, I've got an issue with one of my mobile plans.


I have 2, one for me and one for my father, my father's one isn't working.


Every time we try to make a call we get an automated message that the "account balance is insufficient" and that we should check our balance on the website. In the past, when the balance would get low, it would automatically top-up but it's not doing that anymore. I put $50 into the prepaid balance a couple of days ago but it is still coming up with the same automated message.


I've had the plan for my father for a while and this is the first time something like this has happened. It's affecting texts and data too so he can't even do a QR-code check in.


I can see some other users have had this same issue recently and I'm hoping that there is a quick and easy fix for this.


Hi @wjrcjday


We'd be glad to have a member of our Mobile Support team to contact and assist you.


Let us have both accounts' details such as Customer ID or TPG mobile number via private message.