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sim for holiday

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We're gonna be in Aus for a holiday for roughly a month over christmas, and I wanted to know about ordering a sim.

If I order 25gb per month sim (currently priced at $12.50), if I order it now when does the first month start? Is it from the order date or when I actually activate it? As we don't need Aus sims until December I don't want to order them and pay before I can actually use them.

I assume activation in Aus will be needed too, I have family I can get them delivered to and either collect when we arrive, or get them mailed to us before we leave.


Welcome to the Community @aussieholiday.


Thank you for showing interest with our TPG SIM only Mobile service. You are right, we offer 50% off for the first 6 months on our new customers and the billing cycle will only start once you activate the SIM card.


Once the SIM card is shipped, then you have 120 days to activate it or it will be expired/terminated.


Have a good day!