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Amount deduction 7 days before month is completed

Level 2

Surprisingly, TPG deducted the money from my account 7 days before the month is completed. I charged TPG (in fact purchased new SIM) on 22-Jun and before 21-Jul would come, TPG deducted for the next 30 days (from 22-Jul to 21-Aug) on 16-Jul. Never experienced while I was using Telstra. 

Planning to switch back to Telstra but definitely before 15-Aug, otherwise they might deduct again one week before the month.

Be aware guys.


Hi @engrabbas 


We require payment 1 week in advance to make sure your account does not expire. If you require more information and would like to speak to our Accounts Team, please send me a PM (private message) with your Full Name, CID (customer identication number), your mobile phone number, and I will request someone from our Accounts Team to call you back later on today.




Level 2

The funny part is, when I try to get connect with your customer support team, they takes an entire day to get free from other customers. Yesterday, I waited for more than 02 hours and then closed chat without any solution. Anyways, before the next recharge is made, I will change the network from TPG to Telstra.


@engrabbas Our apologies for this inconvinience, I can ask one of our customer service representative to contact you regarding your concerns if you can PM me your contact details, concern and preferred contact time.


Kind regards,

Joseph D