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Can anyone help - unable to access TPG email

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TPG can you let us morons know what the problem is , or are you guys the morons who do not know what the problem is why leave us  in the dark, come clean what is the problem ????,we are  the one paying your wages each month

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Hi All, we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you. Our network Engineer is working round the clock towards a resolution..

                                 what you only have one engineer working on the problem this is 3rd world internet company



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Your email server has now been down for over 2 days.  What the hell is happening?

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This sort of thing really makes you assess your business emails to have a better plan. Now I  will look into web hosting and not giving my business to muppets like these again!

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Moderator Moderator

Dear All,


The email issue is now resolved and no customers should have any more email issues. If you are experiencing any problems please private message us so we can help.


The outage duration was from Wednesday late afternoon until Friday evening, however a small group of customers experienced intermittent email issues over the weekend until Monday morning.


The outage was caused by a failure affecting the storage system, through which the email systems operate.


This issue and your feedback has been taken very seriously by our business. We understand and apologise for the inconvenience and frustration caused by this issue.