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Cancellation of mobile service

Level 2
I am moving overseas and wanted to cancel my mobile number. I am calling TPG consecutively for the last seven days to cancel my mobile number but no response. Someone picks up the number and start getting details from me and at the end tells me that she can’t cancel my number. She transfers my call to someone else, I have to wait for another hour. The next person picks up and repeats the same procedure. I lived in many countries but to my experience, TPG provided to be the worst company for its customer service. Despite my repeated calls to TPG and requesting them again and again to cancel my mobile number, they again debited my account. Besides tpg I also had a Vodafone mobile number for my business. Once I decided to cancel my Vodafone number, I called Vodafone and they canceled my number in 1 minute and 30 seconds. But to do the same, TOG took 7 days, a lot of my time and mental stress and still I don’t know when this number will be canceled. Now I will call them again tomorrow on 19 December 2021.

Hi @Khawar


We regret to learn that you wish to cancel your service with us. 


Let us have your Customer ID or TPG mobile number via private message so we can have our Mobile Support Team to assist you accordingly with your concern.