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Changeover from Iinet to The Messaging Company

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Not happy of future charges from The Messaging Company and Iinet dumping us on them. Is Iinet going to reduce our monthly fee by the amount THC is going to charge?  Having been a loyal customer for over 25 years back to the time it was know under the Ozemail banner, I am not too excited by the change. More information would be appreciated-surely, when Iinet & TMC did the deal costs must have been discussed!!!
It appears loyalty is only one-way.



Hi @faulk321 ,


We appreciate that you have been with us for 25 years.


You will have the option to transfer your email to The Messaging Company and services will be free of charge until September 2024.


TMC will provide more information about service costs within 60 days of any pricing changes. They are intending to provide services at no to little cost, all the way through to premium services. You can read more about the migration here:








Level 2

I have been with iinet for 21 year and now have to move my Email address from iinet to the messanger company or I will lose all of my Email accounts without know what the cost will be. As TPG own iinet why is this happening. Also that mean TPG can hold us to ransom next Sept with us having to pay whatever they want or we will lose our Email account. No happy. 

Level 2

I have been with Internode for around 30 odd years and seriously thinking about dropping them like a hot potato!!

An ISP not providing an email service is like going to a restaurant that doesn't provide and food.

What a total ludicrous ridiculous act.

Did they dream this up a drunken lunch meeting?

Seems like it.

Level 2

I am also a customer over 25 years from the Westnet days and have been so stressed over this email transfer to TMC. Two months ago I got an email from TMC stating I must give my credit cards details or lose my email address. The site was so badly written like some 5 year old learning how to scam. Just boxes with CVC, month dates, card number etc. terrible. And so I was certain this was a scam only to find out it was actually TMC. Today they charged me for renewal and upon checking my email has not yet been migrated ( over 6 months now). So the promised of not being charged until sep 2024 is false.

Level 7

I am reasonably happy with the change, except hearing about credit card detail compulsory (Pedro001). I much prefer to use direct debit from my bank and set and forget, as I have done for years with TPG

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Update: Now confirmed that TMC will take bank direct debit.