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Complaint - Internet not working for weeks

Level 2
Level 2

We have been trying to restore our internet connection for 2 weeks with no luck. We are trying to run a business and can't afford to be without our internet connection.

TPG support  is really difficult to deal with. Every time we ring up we have to wait about an hour to get through. Then we wait again to be put through to an "Engineer".

We get a different "Engineer" every time we call and have to explain the whole story again. The "Engineer" then promises something but nothing happens so we have to ring again and start the process again. 
We really need someone out here urgently probably from the NBN but that seems impossible. NBN says you have to go through your service provider.

TPG however doesn't seem to have any urgency to get the problem fixed. It will be the downfall of thier business as the word will get around quickly that their customer support is terrible 



Hi @PH


Thanks for raising this to our attention.


We'd like to look into your account for better understanding of the situation.

Please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number to assist you accordingly.