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Google Nest Wifi router and Huawei HG659

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I bought a google Nest Wifi router and a point to setup a mesh Wifi. When setup connecting this Nest Wifi to the LAN on Huawei HG659 router, connection fails (i.e can't even setup a mesh wifi) in Google Home App. Google support advised me after troubleshooting (countless setup but failed many times) to contact TPG on how to setup up bridge mode on your router/modem. Potential issue relates to due to VPN / upstream block - due to two routers running?). Did anyone encountered this?


Google site suggests this:

The best solution to double NAT is enabling Bridge mode on your modem/router combo.

Log in to your router or modem/router combo and find its settings to enable Bridge mode. To access your router’s settings, you might have to open an Internet browser, and enter your router’s IPaddress in the address bar. Details vary depending on the device. Many ISPs and manufacturers provide instructions on how to do this.



Hi FlyOne

What type of internet service do you have?


You could check this link to use HG569 on bride mode.

Please advice