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Hi, yesterday I have sent an email to TPG. Asking for help. I am 81 years old and my wife is 91 and very sick. She has a pacemaker monitored 24/7 remotely through internet. If something happen to her hearth I will be contacted immediately by phone to take her to nearest hospital, she also has High blood pressure. So if something happens to our phone or internet connections. It could mean life and dead for her. Recently our phone end internet cable  got loose and dropped down to about 1.5 meter above ground over my neighbour front yard. I have Asked TPG to fix it. But got the shock of my life. Been told it is not TPG’ s problem. Contact NBN they will have to fix it. I Have contract with TPG not NBN TPG is my phone and internet provider not NBN. My wife life could in danger if the wire naps and TPG don’t what to fix it they don’t care!!!!???  WELLCOME TO TPG !!!! as long as you are not old and don’t ask for help!!! My advise to all you young people: do yourself a favour don’t ever get old !! ! But if you get old and you are a TPG member and you need help. You know what TPG will tell YOU!!! Go to your government and ask for permission for EUTHANASIA !!!!


Steven another old expired man


Hi @stevenwolf . Is this cable thick, black cable going to power pole or thin telephone type cable?

Can you get a picture of it?

Likely you need a licensed cabler to make it safe. Have a look here:

On this page, another link:



@stevenwolf  I'm sorry to read about the issues on NBN's lines outside and I am glad that despite of the loose cabling you phone and internet is still working.


I have escalated your case to our technical escalations team, they will contact you directly to provide further assistance.


In most cases wherein there are damages NBN equipment or wiring but the phone and internet is not affected you can report this directly to NBN by calling 1800 687 626 and select option 1 followed by option 2 to ensure any Health and Safety hazards are prioritised.


Kind regards,

Joseph D