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Internet CONSTANTLY dropping out in January 2024. No on answering customer service. Just about had enough of this

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I'm trying to run a business here. I had live webinars this morning. The internet dropped out in the middle, i cant get back on and this has had a huge impact on my business. This isnt the first time, its been dropping out regularly all January 2024. I'm currently on the phone to customer service - 28 minutes now listening to the same screeching voice repeating crap over and over again.


This isnt good enough. $75 a month for dodgy service and no support.


If I dont hear back in 24 hours, i'm out.


Hi @feeety 


How's your connection?


If you are still experiencing the dropouts, then we are keen on getting this sorted ASAP.


Just send us a private message with your account details.


We may not be able to reach out right away as we've been busier than usual, but you can always call our Technical Support Team on 1300 997 271 for real-time help.