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Internet down since 1pm 19/03 No access to Tech support

Level 2

My internet has been down since 1pm yesterday 19/03/2020

I tried calling at first and then redirected to TPG online chat.  I waited there for approximately 1,5 hours then cut off.  I tried again, waited for around 2,5 hours on the chat line only to be told there was no one online to assist.  I then tried to call again, held on for 3,5 hours with no response.  TPG, what is going on.  How can I get my internet back up if you are not available to assist. 


Hi @6208161


We have likewise replied to your post located here:


Should you need further assistance, feel free to search community for help or chat with us at  and we'd be glad to assist you.


We appreciate your patience during this time. 


Thank you! 

Level 2
Have you had any luck I’m trying to connect a new modem and having no luck. Can’t get support either