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Line down?

Level 1b
All day the Internet has been down for me. The NBN box only has the power light on. Does anyone else get regular drop outs with tpg?

Hi @Anttond ,


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Thanks for raising this to us. We'd love to help and see what causes dropouts to the service. We tried to use your community details to pull up the account unfortunately it does not show any matching records.


To better understand the situation, PM us your account details. In case you need a reference:


How do I private message (PM) in the community



Level 3

Yep Same Issue Here in West Ryde, NSW

I thought it was isolated to my line only but seems to be common... have to wait till monday cause techs at tpg dont work on weekends...also had to fork out for a usb 4g modem to use it as backup..


Not Happy....



Hi @CUZ11N,


We apologise for the inconvenience.


We understand that our Engineering team has been in touch yesterday and was advised that the case was escalated to NBN Co for further investigation as there's a possible fault within their network or the NBN equipment.


A technician is booked to visit your premises on Monday to run further diagnostics.


Your assigned Engineer will be in touch with you as soon as an update becomes available.




Level 1c

have to wait till monday cause techs sudoku incometaxindiaefiling Onlinesbi at tpg dont work on weekends...also had to fork out for a usb 4g modem to use it as backup..


Hi @garangdhav,


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We thank you for writing to us and we're sorry to hear about your experience. 


We're sorry to hear that you have an outstanding issue with your service. We'd like to help in resolving this as soon as possible!

We're unable to locate your account using your Community details, could you send us a private message with your customer ID or username?


We look forward to working this with you.