Mail spoofing

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I don't understand why my email address can be spoofed and the TPG mail servers are quite happy to send email from my account even though the From information doesn't match the Sender, and in no way corresponds to my configured account details.


This is standard SMTP configuration surely?


We are receiving multiple errors from the Mail Delivery Subsystem indicating we are spamming unknown people and it seems all TPG mail is being temporarily blocked from sending to those domains.


Does any body monitor this at TPG?  It's been happening since late April...


Hi @MailUser,


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It is possible that a virus or malware is affecting your email/mail client to send multiple emails

You need to run a full scan on your computer and update your anti-virus with the latest one.


You may create a filter to lessen this type of emails to be received. You may check this previous community post which will guide you on how to set a filter. Here's the links: Unwanted e-mails , Email address mostly SPAM.


Let us know how it will go.



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This has happened in the past.  We use this mailbox on Mac only, which is scanned on a daily basis. 


Suddenly last week we began receiving hundreds of non-delivery notifications where it was clear that the sender 'name' was NOT our name, yet the sender address was our TPG address.  This is why I am asking why those emails are allowed to be sent by the TPG mailserver (seems to be mailserver 5 specifically) when clearly they are not bond fide emails.


I have configured SMTP servers and mail server rules in the past in my job so I know it is possible to filter outbound emails on certain rules.  Why does TPG allow this to happen?


Now we can't send proper emails because the Mail server is blocking our address completely.  This is stupid and I would like to know whether we can be refunded for this service now that we can't use it?


I am well aware fo security requirements for scanning computers and other devices for malware.  None of my devices is recording a virus or malware. 


I can't find a way to contact TPG about Mail issues - all contact numbers are for ADSL or NBN issues only.  This is a completely different problem that your usual help desk will not be able to answer.  


Please don't give me standard responses - this is a server configuration problem which is allowing the mail account to be abused. 




Hi @MailUser,


Thanks for raising this with us.


We'd like to look into it further. We tried to locate your account using your community details to no avail.


Please shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number along with your email address and screenshot of the example of the email that was sent using your address.


Kind regards,