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Moving home and transfer to existing NBN service to new property

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I contacted TPG on 6/2 and advise moving home to new address by 21/2/21.  The consultant advised will need to escalate for my new address, switching time within a couple of days.  No updates or responses.  Called again on 12/2 to advise the confirmed address by the council, no need to escalate; the consultant advised to update their system for the confirmed address and moving home team will contact me for updates.  Once again, no calls & no updates via email.  Called again on 16/2, the consultant advised within 10 working days for the NBN installation due to new development and also charge me $300.  Received generic message from this consultant in email.  Today I received a sms and email advising me that the NBN installation earliest schedule will be on 9/4/21....WHAT!!! over a month???...nowadays, we need internet access at all time; especially due to Covid-19, most of us needs interet access to work from house...I have been long term TPG customer, not even NBN, but also mobile services.  Sounds like TPG not longer care about its own customers and trying to push customers to seek for alternative service provider who provides better customer services.  So disappointed and now put my whole family without internet access for over 1 month..considering i provided sufficient time to TPG on 6/2/21.  Extreme poor customer service.


Hi @wonyee,


We appreciate you raising this matter to us and we apoloigse for the inconvnience 


Based on what you mentioned, there are instances that a service address needs to be raised to NBN Co thus, we'd like to understand you better and get to the bottom of this. 


Furthermore, The Australian Government has recently released a policy regarding charges for building new telecommunications infrastructure in development areas. Previously nbn™ were responsible for meeting the cost of providing fibre to new developments however, this new policy stipulates the cost will now be passed onto both the developers and actual households that are being connected. This may be the $300 cost you are pertaining to but we still want to check this further. 



Please send us with your Customer ID or username via private message in order to assist you accordingly.