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NBN Constantly drop out

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Hi Team,


NBN internet has been dropped out constantly since last month.
I have checked service status, there is no outage and maintenance.
It dropouts every 2-3 minutes and when it's out, online light is flashing, router modem 1.0.0 Build 20180208 rel.59779 (EU), Archer C1200 v1.0


So this issue has been going on for about a month now. Our NBN connection seemed quite good to start with nice speed, stable service however after about a month we started getting dropouts quite frequently.

The issue seems to be the connection drops out probably 10-20 times a day and takes 1-10min to come back.

So far I have been back and forth mostly on email. The first tech I spoke to said yeh there is some drop outs but the line looks fine to see if it still happens. It did. So I followed up the email chain with the ticket. And was promised a call back in 24hrs

- It is probably a wifi drop out (no it's wired and wireless and I can log in to the router and see the PPPoe errors)
- oh but your not home to do anything,
- its been up for a day
- call back if there are any issues when you're at home.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go from here?
I have adjusted my Archer log to error level so I can actually track dropouts, so I know how long and when they are happening. But I'm not keen to spend time constantly making phone calls trying to get something to happen unless there is actually a solution.
Has anyone had a similar issue "Fixed"?


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