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NBN Plan upgrade

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What does it take to get your NBN plan upgraded?

I have been trying for days now, I contacted them via email before my installation to say that I wanted the faster plan but it didn't happen. I contacted them via email again on the day of the installation and it still didn't happen. I contacted them a couple of days later by phone and after a several attempts I managed to finally speak to someone who said yes they'd upgrade it, it will take up to 24 hours but will most likely be completed within 2 hours.

It has been 3 days now and it still hasn't happened, when I call up to ask about it I get transferred to another department only to receive a recorded message that they are too busy to take my call and get hung up on.

Can anybody advise how you can actually get through to these people? I am not liking this customer service.


Hi @gillicol,


We've responded to your previous post.


We've encountered some issues within the account which caused the delay of applying the upgraded speed for your NBN service. We've already raised this with our Accounts team and will be looking to fix the issue by Monday or Tuesday.


We apologise for the inconvenience.



Level 1b

Hi BasilDV,


The upgrade looks to be complete now thank you.


There was mention that there was a problem with my credit card and a payment couldn't be made but the $10 fee for the OzTalk was paid at the same time without a problem so I am not sure what was going on there.


All is working now with the internet but we still don't have our phone working, any idea when the number will port across? It has been a week now.




Thank you for the update @gillicol.


I've checked the home phone status and it seems that the porting of the number was successful since 08/04. The service should start working. Were you able to test your incoming calls?


Kind regards,