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Not able to connect Epson printer wirelessly with tpg modem

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I am not able to connect my Epson printer with the tpg router. Have tried enabling WPS in the router settings page. After clicking save button on the screen, the settings doesn't seem to take effect.
Can someone please help.


Hi @Kanika,


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Are you able to provide us the exact Model of your Epson printer?


By the way, after turning On or Enabling the WPS of your modem, did you check with your Epson printer if it can detect the WiFi network of your modem?


Please shoot me a private message with your TPG username or customer ID number for us to pull up the account.


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I have tried to connect EPSON XP-220

Should the WPS light on router activate. Archer VR1600v



Hi @golfer47


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If you're trying to connect the printer using WPS, then you have to activate the WPS function of the modem. You may visit the link below for the guide to enable the WPS function:

How to Enable WPS on TP-Link VR1600v


Similarly, if the printer provides an option to connect via passphrase, then simply key in your normal WIFI password during the set up on your printer instead.




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Thanks Will, you have solved my problem and stopped my frustration, I'm/the printer, is now connected.

I should have discussed the operation of the router with the Technician at the installation of NBN yesterday.





Glad to be of help, @golfer47


Feel free to reach out to us again if you need our assistance. Cheers!

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I should have discussed the operation Nox Vidmate VLC of the router with the Technician at the installation of NBN yesterday.