Possible Scam?

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Received this today. Doesn't look legit, but it does look authentic. Would say it's a scam. Anyone else get something like this? (also attached.)

Link goes to: https://vasantholsavamkerala.org/captcha/news/?=enalewis@tpg.com.au


[ Notice ]: We're Unable to load your invoice
Service <services-cen@tpg.com.au>
6:46 AM (1 hour ago)


 DearTPG Customer ,
There are security updates on our servers, to ensure that the service will not be interrupted, you Need to update your details It's easily and safety.

The details are:

  • Case ID : #TPG-548-032-598-001
  • Email Address : deleted

 Νote:If you do not update or ignore this message, We will temporarily disconnect Internet service Until You resolve this issue!
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Hi @enalewis , we have received multiple reports regarding this and our Security Team is looking into this. Kindly ignore the email and make sure not to click on any link provided.


We also recommend having a read of this community article : How to Handle Scam Calls/ Emails


You may also directly contact our Postmaster by sending an email to postmaster@tpg.com.au


Let us know should you have further queries.

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I have been getting multiple scam emails from this bogus TPG account on average once a week. I've had;

"Update Your Payment Details – Account On Hold"

"We're Unable to load your invoice"

"Update required - Your service is about to be hold!"

All have the @TPG.com.au domain as the suffix.  How can TPG allow this to keep happening? I have yet to receive a legitimate email from TPG advising that this is going on nor have they done anything to resolve this issue other then send out the generic posts on the community page like "our Security Team is already looking into this." Well, how about doing something MORE than just looking into it and FIX IT. I shudder to think how many people have been duped by this sort of stuff.

Pretty poor service TPG.


We appreciate your feedback and we'll pass this on internally, @pnikakis. You may directly report this matter to our Postmaster by sending an email to postmaster@tpg.com.au. Just include the email header of the phishing email you have received. 


Or you can send us a private message with your account details so we can raise it for you.