Potential spam?

Level 2
Hi Just received an email wit the following heading.
tpg-184-012-548-006 Security update.

States that we have to press a button to update details for the internet service or we will lose connection. The email address given is not ours but an old one used by my daughter a long time ago. We have not done anything with it as it looked like a scam but I wanted to check if it was a scam as we don’t want to lose connection.
Level 3

Yes i got one too. Just joined this community to check.  Think it is a scam too. All the spelling mistakes. Would like someone from tpg to confirm too.


Hi @mcleanma and @robyng7,


we have received several reports regarding this and our Security Team is looking into this. Kindly ignore the email and make sure not to click on any link provided.


We also recommend having a read of this community article : How to Handle Scam Calls/ Emails