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Problems using POP3 (Pegasus mail) to download

Level 2

I get this error message sometimes.

14:20:42.912: --- 3 Nov 2021, 14:20:42.912 ---
14:20:42.912: Connect to '', timeout 30 seconds.
14:20:43.917: >> +OK POP3 Ready rpt-cro-mail01 00020e17
14:20:43.917: << USER alantorrens
14:20:43.928: >> +OK USER alantorrens set, mate
14:20:43.963: >> +OK Mailbox locked and ready SESSIONID=<rpt-cro-sph01-50333-1635909643-1>
14:20:43.965: << STAT
14:20:56.767: 7: Socket read error 10054 (connection aborted by remote host)

Level 15

Hi @alantorrens . Does this come from the log of your email client?

Which client is it? The mail server is just the regular TPG mail server. Is it port 110?

When this disconnection occurs, is it always at the same point (after sending STAT), or in different places?

How long is it before it recovers?

The 10054 is just loss of connection to the server. Do you know if this corresponds to a general internet failure with your browser?

When it happens, does the Internet light or any others on the router or NBN box change?

Level 2

My email client is Pegasus Mail. Its Port is 110.  It is set up to check Headers only then I can choose to delete, download or both. Sometimes I get the message when I try to download the Headers. I try a number of times getting an error message each time, then everything goes okay. Other times the Headers download and when I try to download the message I get the error message. I can try 4 or 5 times in a row then suddenly the message will download. To get your reply was no trouble. If I use Firefox to go to TPG mail there doesn't seem to be a problem. I do not know if there is any change on the router or internet box lights

as it is in another room. I use Pegasus mail to download from Bigpond and Yahoo without any trouble.

Level 15

@alantorrens . Try this next time you are using Pegasus. Open a command window and run this command:

ping -t

This pings the mail server until you stop it by Control C. Want to see if there are ping timeouts when you get this problem in Pegasus. Also, what is the usual response time reported? Should be a consistent several milliseconds.

Level 2

When I checked the ping yesterday morning it started at 50 milliseconds then went down to 20 ms and finally settled on 12 ms. Yesterday afternoon I had no troubles.  This morning the ping was between 12 and 20 ms.anad there were no problems

Level 15

@alantorrens . If you get multiple ping timeouts, your internet connection may have dropped out. See if you can browse to google and do a search on something.

Pegasus STAT command took 13 seconds to timeout. It might recover if only a few ping timeouts.

When ping resumes working, Pegasus and browser should be ok.

What type of NBN connection do you have?

Login to your router admin and note its ip address. Or go to See if it changes after ping timeouts.