Refund Email

Level 2
I received a refund email that I responded to as “keep the same plan and receive the refund amount.” Its been more than a month since that happened and I am yet to receive any sort of refund or even a confirmation email suggesting I have got the refund processed or something.
I am quite susceptible as I don’t trust this company right from the start and I am quite over them as they have started being quite shifty lately.
It has been a case of a triton among the minnows for me as all the NBN providers in my area are quite bad with quite dismal reviews. I chose them as they are the self proclaimed the fastest Internet providers, I always doubted it and now, they have proved me right themselves by providing a refund for not meeting their promised speeds.
Very disappointed. Wanted to know if anyone else faced a same sort of scenario? There will be quite a few people like me😜

Hi @6248276,


Thanks for reaching out! We welcome all feedback as hearing from our customers is the best way we can improve our business.


Using your Community details, I have since chased an update from the assigned team regarding the refund. 


Please await their phone call or email. 


Feel free to reach out to us again should you require further assistance. 



Level 2
I’m waiting! Lets see what excuses your team are gonna come up with this time. Nothing seem to to happen by itself unless we chase after you guys on numerous occasions.