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Return customer using Archer Vr 1600

Level 2
I've just re-signed up to TPG but connection doesn't seem to be happening. I've got the NBN device and my Archer 1600 modem connected. All lights on both machines are working, except Internet on the modem. I've checked the internet User and Pwrds are correct on the modem firmware under DSL. But still no connection. Can you help please ?

Hi @ChrisHall . Has the connection to your previous provider stopped working yet? If not, continue until it does.

Connection settings are PPPoE, username and password.

If you are FTTC, HFC, you need VLAN ID=2. Not used on FTTP.

Level 2
Thanks for replying. I got back onto the TPG phone line and it turns out my assigned User name was told to me incorrectly. They originally told me it was my christian name and then surname. It was actually surname first then christian name. Thanks for your trouble.