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I just went to the Service Status Page at have a look at planned maintainence and found it was a rather long list that did not appear to be sorted into any order. Could TPG consider putting a filter on the list. At least by state as a start. Better still a search box that I can put my suburb in. I am aware that my suburb may not be the one with the NBN equipment that services my street so if I search Bondi the result should come up for all areas close. That may be a bit hard so second choice a Region, Hunter, Western Sydney. Whatever its got to be better than scrolling through the entire list. I like Perth but I don't really need to know they have maintainence at 3am next week. Regards


Hi @Pete


We truly appreciate for taking the time in providing us your feedback.


We know there's always room for improvement and we strive daily to make more and more positive ones. 


Your comments with our Service Status page has been forwarded to our team where they will be utilised in our ongoing efforts to further improve our services.