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Soft Launch Feedback

Community Manager

Hi Guys,

             If you have any feedback in the soft launch period you can leave your feedback here.

             We will strive to improve the TPG Community and listen to the feedback.    

             Your comments are welcomed.  

Level 5

Hi there.. just signed up.

Great initiative. I will be very keen to observe how it all goes.

Well done, wish you success!



Level 3

Thanks for allowing me on board.

Level 3

About time TPG!


Whats in it for the people who answer the most and are active here all the time?

Can we moderate content or get accreditation?


Hi Manuel.


Would be a great feature for the safety of the community to be able not only to report posts but to report users of misconduct. 





Level 5

Looking good so far but suggestions to make it easier to keep track of activity:


1.Order the Just In section in descending order of more recent REPLY instead of most recently created THREAD. Can be easy to miss a new reply in a thread outside the top 10 recent threads.

2. Or give the user had the ability to choose how they want it sorted Smiley Happy

3. In board lists (e.g., you probably need a field label on the far right field to indicate the timestamp is for last reply. 

4. In thread lists (e.g. at, show the timestamp of most recent reply. 

3. Mobile viewing - see screenshot comparing how looks on desktop and mobile (i.e. views & last reply timestamp is missing on mobile)





Level 2

Hi Wayne,


Every post has an option drop down (on the top right side) to report inappropiate content to the moderator.




Community Manager

Hi Guys,

So we are still in soft launch and have received great feedback to improve our community. Just an update on two issues below.

  1. Issue where ad's and tracking where present on the community page. Issue is resolved
  2. Issue where privacy link had 404 error. Issue is resolved

Thanks for the continuing feedback in our soft launch. Keep the feedback coming.

Level 2

Would be a great feature for the safety Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire  of the community to be able not only to report posts but to report users of misconduct.