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Emails not sending

Level 1a

I've just set up a new email via TPG. 

I'm attempting to send emails using the TPG post office via a web browser on a laptop (not on a phone etc). I've made several attempts but nothing is sending - comes back with "Warning: Could not send message for past 4 hours" from mailer demon. 


I have tried switching from the real email to the alias email and neither is working. 


Have I missed something in the set up? Any suggestions?



Hi @Jillybean208


Welcome to the Community! 


Upon checking, there's no recent report of any email issues nor any maintenance ongoing with our email servers. 


For us to have a better understanding on how to assist you with your email concern, would you be able to provide us an insight on the following:


  1. Have you arleady tried using a different browser on this laptop? 
  2. Do you also get the same error when you try logging in using your phone's browser? 
  3. Does this happen to a specific email address; have you tried to send one to other mail client?
  4. Kindly try sending an email to yourself, let us know if it's going to give you the same error. 


We'd appreciate as well if you can provide us with your Customer ID, username or the email address you're having trouble with via private message so we can assist you accordingly. 





Hi @Jillybean208 


Thanks for sending your email address.


As you've mentioned on your PM, you are able to send emails to a TPG address, but it won't work on a different one. Are you able to send me a PM with the lists of email address that won't work?


Also, how many recipients do you have per email?




Level 1a


Managed to send one email to a hotmail address (although it did end up in the junk mail). Other emails to yahoo addresses didn't work and bounced back. 

I'm only trying to send to one recipient at a time. 

Level 1a

Good news! As of tonight it seems to be working okay! Thanks for the help


You're very welcome, @Jillybean208 and we're glad to hear that it's sorted now! 


Feel free to reach out to us again should you require any assistance.