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Cannot send emails from overseas from my ipad

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After working well for a week in Japan, I am able to receive emails on my TPG account but cannot send emails from that account. The pop up message I get is

Cannot send email

a copy has been placed in your outbox

no password provided

please go to Mail Account Settings and enter a password


I have then accessed my mail box at TPG and sent mail from there ok.


i have subsequently logged out of the Post Office and on trying to log in some time later, I cannot log in!


i have checked and re-entered the password

i have changed the outgoing server port to Port 587


I continue to receive mail, but cannot send and am unhappy about spending so much valuable time on a problem that has just 'popped up out of nowhere'.



@Sucher01 If you are using an e-mail client, the incoming mail settings would be provided by the e-mail provider, on this case TPG, the outgoing or sending is handled by the internet provider you are connected to.


Just to be clear, are you not able to log in right now in TPG Post Office?


EDIT: Can you please try logging on to TPG Post Office again & also try using your e-mail client?


Kind regards,

Joseph D

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I have had the same problem and 3 friends have also had this issue which continues even after I have returned from overseas. I have reinstalled the email client for TPG mail a number of times but with no success. I am now considering discontinuing using TPG email and transferring to Gmail.


Hi @tfarley,


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Have you tried to use our Post Office to check if your email is working?


If not, are you use our webmail to make sure that there's no issues with the address.


If the email is working using our webmail, then it means that the settings within your Email client needs to be checked or changed.


Here's the Email settings that you can try.


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Check out the info on this web site:

Level 2

I am now considering discontinuing Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire using TPG email and transferring to Gmail.