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TPG email abandonment?

Level 2

I was totally appalled that TPG will be outsourcing to another company their email service. As a long-standing TPG customer I consider the email service an absolutely integral part of the service I have been purchasing. Sadly this is becoming a pattern where the price has been rising but the services being provided are being curtailed. TPG are signalling that after 12 months the new provider will probably be charging for the email service. Interestingly TPG have not signalled a price reduction for the email service they plan to remove in the next few months. Imagine the outcry if Telstra abandoned their Bigpond email service, whereas TPG has no qualms in abandoning their long standing loyal customers. Hopefully common sense will prevail and this shocking decision to abandon their email customers will be reversed.

Chris Christodoulou 

Level 3

The best we can do it to try to minimise the impending costs incurred from the messaging company. These are likely determined by how many transfer. If everyone transfers it is likely to be cheaper than if fewer transfer. So it is in everybody's interest if we all transfer.


What you might not be aware of is that this imacts iinet, internode and westnet as well.


So if those customers can see these tpg community messages as well, here are the transfer links for all 4 companies: