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Technician no show for the 2nd time!

Level 2
Well I seriously don’t know why we are hanging on to tpg today was a booked technician (another day off from work) and surprise surprise a BLOODY NO SHOW we call tpg and their excuse is NO MATERIALS we had a no show 31.1.19 and they blamed it on TOO HOT. Put in a management complaint WHAT IS GOING ON TPG! STOP BLAMING NBN! You are the supplier of the service you need to be on top of this not your customers!!!!! Disappointed in the service disappointing all round. All they still take our money for no service or phone line. No help no compensation nothing.

We're also disappointed to know that the job was not completed today, @Maria1. We have escalated this matter with an utmost priority to NBN Co. 


As you are aware, we rely on NBN Co in your area to provide a service and both appointment and technician availability is subjected to our wholesaler partner and as a re-seller we only have limited control over such things. Please understand that this limitation is beyond TPG’s control and only NBN technicians are allowed to fix the fault with the NBN infrastructure. 


Furthermore, the assigned Complaints officer is already assessing your case and will be in touch with you either via email or phone call. 


Apologies for all the trouble this is causing you.