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I"m really looking for help here. I have tried the method here many timesand I just can't get the WPS light on my modem to stay on. I enable WPS, I switch on the button, the WPS button just flashes and then disappears. I'm trying to connect it to a D-Link wifi range extender.. I really don't know what else to do. The range extender is now sitting in the same room . I'm getting a little desperate here. Any other tips or thoughts? Thanks

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After Enabling the WPS function, did you Enable the WPS of your Wireless extender? If the WPS lits up, then it means it is functioning and waiting for a device to connect to it.


If you can't connect the D-Link via WPS, then you may choose the other option. Try to contact the support of D-Link to guide you on how to connect it using the wireless extender interface.


How do I set up and install my Wireless Extender? - from D-Link website.