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Level 2
My internet has been down (again) since Thursday. I can’t get through to support. I was on hold for 2hrs last night and was then hung up on when the office closed. Chat is useless. They just keep closing it’s. Both email and sms has gone unanswered. What is going on? A response or acknowledgement is not an unreasonable request.
Come on TPG. Get some local assistance if your overseas tech support is overwhelmed.

@GHowarth81  Our apologies for the inconvinience during these trying times, please see the Community Article on


The info on the Community Article below regarding no connection may help.


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Joseph D

Level 2
I’ve trouble-shooted. nbn techs replaced 3 pits last week and left me without internet. This must be the 4th or 5th time techs have had to come out to my property so I know the process. I realise it is a difficult time but just closing chats without response is poor practice.